How many times a week do you floss your teeth? Flossing your teeth is a critical step in your dental routine. When you forget to floss, you can miss cleaning 35% of each tooth’s surface.

Flossing isn’t just important for adults, children need to do it regularly too. Make sure you’re taking care of your toddler’s teeth. Flossing can be hard for young children to master. Slowly introduce your child to the process. Show them how to floss and let them try to do it by themselves. Eventually, your child will be able to floss his or her teeth without supervision.

Are you flossing your teeth the right way?

How to properly floss your teeth:

1. Remove about a foot and a half of floss from the dispenser.

2. Gently wrap the floss around one of your index or middle fingers.

3. Wrap the opposite end of the floss around a finger on your other hand.

4. Pull the floss tight between each hand.

5. Insert the floss between two teeth.

6. Move the floss up and down against the tooth.

7. Remove the floss from the teeth.

8. Repeat for each tooth.

9. Rinse mouth thoroughly with mouthwash.

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