How To Fix Bad Breath with Smile Workshop

[:en] We have all had bad breath before, but sometimes it is a deeper problem for some people. It can be embarrassing, anxiety-inducing, and perhaps a little bit confusing. Here at Smile Workshop, our team do not want any of our patients to feel like this. We are here to help you get to the bottom of the bad breath your are experiencing. Bad breath can be caused by several things, all of which will be discussed below. If you or one of your family members want to know how to fix bad breath, keep reading:

Causes of bad breath

There are several causes to bad breath that you may want to review. These include the obvious ones such as food and poor dental hygiene (please floss!), but also causes such as tobacco products, dry mouth, mouth infections (sores, surgical wounds, decay), and other diseases. Prior to putting your bad breath down to one cause, it is best to see a doctor and receive their professional opinion.

What to expect from your dentists

Expect a couple of general questions from your dentists while they try to gauge your situation and what may possibly be causing your bad breath. Questions you can expect to be asked are:

-Is your bad breath continuous or do you only experience it occasionally?
-Do you floss? If so, how often? Were you taught to floss correctly?
-Have you recently had any sore spots in your mouth / surgery?
-How aware are you of your bad breath?
-Have people commented on your bad breath?

Next, your dentist will most likely test your bad breath from your nose and mouth along with checking your mouth.

Treatment of bad breath

Depending on what your dentist concludes, there are numerous ways to fix bad breath. Mouth rinses, dental treatment, flossing, tongue brushing, adjusting your diet, and drinking plenty of water are just a few treatment options for bad breath. You should also throw away your tooth brush and replace it with a new one.

If you are still puzzled on how to fix bad breath, visit the Smile Workshop team. If you want to ensure you are doing everything for you and your family’s oral hygiene, please schedule your appointment with us today.

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