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[:en]Are your pearly whites looking less white these days but you’re hesitant to get your teeth whitened professionally? Today, teeth whitening myths are reason enough for you to abstain from this basic cosmetic dentistry procedure, but what if we told you, most of those myths you hear are usually untrue? In an effort to help you with your best worry-free smile, we at Smile Workshop Amarillo want to debunk these top five teeth whitening myths:

1. Store-bought Whitening Products Are Just As Good As What The Dentist Offers

In a previous blog, we touched on professional whitening vs at-home strategies, but to add upon this, toothpastes, whitening strips, chewing gums and other products that contain whitening chemicals don’t pack nearly the same punch as professional whitening, nor are they as permanent. Skip the lengthy and costly process of using store-bought whitening products and see a dentist who can whiten your teeth in as little as five minutes.

2. DIY Whitening With Natural Products Works

You can naturally whiten your teeth with strawberries, lemons, baking soda or even hydrogen peroxide, but at a cost that can do permanent damage. The acids from strawberries eat away at your teeth enamel, while baking soda strips the top coat of your teeth, leading to faster enamel erosion and an unbalanced ratio of good and bad bacteria in your mouth. Hydrogen peroxide is also known to be harsh on enamel as well as gums and can age living tissue. While small doses, like what’s in toothpastes, won’t cause harm, small doses won’t get the job done when it comes to whitening. All and all, it’s probably best to leave the DIY alone and see your local dentist.

3. Forget Teeth Whitening If You Have Sensitive Teeth.

Of all the teeth whitening myths out there, this one is probably the most commonly known. It is good to be wary about teeth whitening, but if you brush two weeks prior to your appointment with a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, you should be in great shape. Of course, it is always good to discuss this with your local dentist who can give you extra helpful tips for a more comfortable procedure.

4. Tooth Whitening Destroys Your Enamel

As dentists, we make every effort we can to protect your enamel and that includes with our whitening procedures. While you may imagine that we blast away stained enamel to reveal an untouched white layer of your teeth, that is not the case. Whitening occurs by opening the pores of your teeth and allowing a cleaning agent to enter your teeth’s inner structures, cleaning them of stains. After time, your pores close again and your teeth are back to normal, which leads us to the last of our debunked teeth whitening myths.

5. Once Teeth Are Whitened, It Lasts Forever

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not a one-time solution. Think of it more as wiping the slate clean. Stains will still accumulate on the surface from drinking things like coffee, tea or wine, but professionally done teeth whitening at the dentist’s office should last one to two years and can be followed up with a simple maintenance routine visit.
Have these debunked teeth whitening myths sparked your interest in teeth whitening? Learn more about our teeth whitening services here or call to schedule an appointment with us today!

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