Endodontic Care

Have you ever heard of an endodontist? An endodontist is a dental professional who specializes in performing root canals. An endodontist goes through the same four years of dental training and education as a general dentist goes through, but then further studies endodontics for two full years.

Smile Workshop is a dental office that provides all dental services to patients of any age under one roof. We offer endodontics at each of our eight locations in Texas (Timber Creek, Cedar Hill, Dallas, Denton, Hurst, San Antonio, Balch Springs, and Amarillo).  Smile Workshop cares about your dental health and wants to help ease your pain. A root canal might be the best way to eliminate your or a family member’s toothache.

Have you had a root canal in the past, or fear that you may need one in the near future? A Smile Workshop endodontist can help you!

A root canal is a dental procedure that is required to save teeth that become severely decayed. When a Smile Workshop endodontist performs a root canal on a patient, he or she removes the affected tooth’s pulp and nerve. The tooth is then cleaned and sealed.

Signs that you may need to get a root canal: 

Sensitive teeth that hurt the most when consuming hot or cold beverages.

-Swelling of the gums surrounding a painful tooth.

-Tooth pain when eating.

-A tooth that is starting to look gray.

Tooth decay can be stopped before you need a root canal. Call Smile Workshop today to schedule a consultation or dental cleaning and exam. If you need a root canal make sure you choose a Smile Workshop endodontist. We’ll set you up with a root canal expert at an affordable price.

-Smile Workshop