Emergency Dental Care in Hurst

Do you need emergency dental care in Hurst? Or are you just looking for a family dental practice around the Pinnacle Park area in case of a future problem? Smile Workshop is the dental practice for you.

Our expertly trained staff can help you with a dental emergency. Our practice in Hurst is full-service. This means we provide our patients with basic dental cleanings, orthodontic treatment, cosmetic procedures and emergency dental care.

If you or your children have knocked out a permanent tooth, keep it wet at all times. Try to place it back into its socket (gently).  If you are not able to get the tooth back in its socket, put it in a cup of milk. After you have secured the tooth, get to Smile Workshop in Hurst immediately.

Do you have a toothache that store-bought solutions haven’t helped? Have a Smile Workshop dentist take a look at it. Our team of dentists can help you with a dental emergency. They will diagnose the problem and implement the best course of action.

For oral injuries to the tongue, cheeks, lips and gums, clean with water and keep cold. Our dentists and cosmetic specialists will be able to help you.

Smile Workshop is affordable too! We accept traditional insurance as well as Medicaid, CHIP and most PPO insurance. We also work with DentaQuest and MCNA dental patients regularly.

Our dental practice in Hurst is located off of North East Mall Blvd, right next to Jared Jewelers. Our address is 808 NE Mall Blvd, Hurst, TX 76053. Give us a call today at (817) 595-9675.