Denton Family Dentist

Do you need a Denton family dentist? Smile Workshop is the place for you. We are right off of Loop 288, affordable and family-friendly!

Have you ever felt frustrated at your dentist? Smile Workshop aims to please patients with industry-leading customer service and dental technology. We understand that you can choose a handful of other dentists in Denton, but we promise you will not be taken care of there as well as we will treat you. Our family dental practice in Denton puts their patients’ oral health first, not their money.

It is our goal to help not just you, but your entire family achieve positive oral health. When did you last have a dental exam and cleaning? Routine dental treatment is the easiest way to ensure that your mouth is healthy!

Did you know this fact from the American Dental Association? 47% of U.S. adults 30 years and older have “mild, moderate or severe periodontics.” (more commonly known as gum disease). That’s a pretty big number. How can you avoid being part of the population with gum disease?

Avoid Gum Disease With Your Denton Family Dentist

Come in Regularly
You can avoid gum disease by visiting your family dentist for a cleaning twice a year.

Brush often
How often do you brush your teeth? At minimum, you should brush twice a day. Something just as important to how often you brush is how much time you spend brushing. The longer you brush the better.

Don’t forget to floss
We get it. Flossing isn’t always the most fun thing to do. However, doing it will lead to a much healthier mouth.

When you need a Denton family dentist, choose Smile Workshop. Our full-service practice is located at 1719 South Loop 288, Suite 110, Denton, TX, 76208. Give us a call and schedule your next visit with one of our friendly receptionists at (940) 735-1102. We can’t wait to help your family!

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