Denton Family Dental

Smile Workshop is a Denton family dental office. We specialize in full-service dentistry and have been serving the 76208 part of town for years!

When we say that we specialize in full-service dentistry, it means we can perform virtually any type of dental treatment under one roof. Dental care couldn’t get more convenient. We eliminate needing to drive all over Denton and Argyle for different types of dental services. At Smile Workshop, you see your orthodontist, oral surgeon, pedodontist, endodontist and dentist at the same location.

Our office operates under the American Dental Association’s best practices. We are proud to offer our patients industry-leading treatment. When a patient chooses to come to Smile Workshop, they choose to work with a practice staffed with highly trained professionals. Our office is off of Loop 288 only uses the latest in dental technology on patients.

If it’s been a while since you last saw a dentist, don’t sweat it. However, it’s important that you do come in for an appointment soon. Our Denton family dental office recommends coming in at least twice a year. This decreases the chance that a small oral health issue develops into something dangerous.

Smile Workshop is first and foremost a family dental office. We work with patients of all ages—including the very young and elderly.

Don’t put off dental care any longer! Come see your family’s dentist! Our office is located at 1719 South Loop 288, Suite 110, Denton, TX, 76208. Give us a call at (940) 735-1102. We’ll see you soon!

-Smile Workshop