Dental X-ray in Dallas

Do you need a dental x-ray in Dallas? Look no further than Smile Workshop. We have multiple locations in Dallas that can help you.

Our offices are full-service dental practices. This means we are able to help you with an array of dental procedures—including x-rays.  We highly recommend that you have one of our expertly trained dental professionals take a deep look at your teeth. X-rays allow them to do this.

What Do Dental X-rays Do?

Dental x-rays allow our team to go in and see not only your teeth up-close, they also allow us to see your soft tissues, bones and jaw.

What Do Dental X-rays Find?
Dental x-rays help us find:

  • Developing cavities
  • Cracks
  • Wisdom teeth

Getting your teeth x-rayed in Dallas has never been easier than it is at Smile Workshop. We have two locations in Dallas. Our North Dallas office is located in the Timber Creek Shopping Center, right off of North West Highway. We also have an office in South Dallas, right off of I-30.

What are you waiting for? Ensure that your oral health is in the best shape it can be. We can help you with a dental x-ray! We’re looking forward to helping you!

-Smile Workshop