Why Dental Hygiene Gets More Important as You Age | Smile Workshop San Antonio Alamo Ranch

Why Dental Hygiene Gets More Important as You Age | Smile Workshop San Antonio Alamo Ranch

You know at this point in your life that dental hygiene is a vital part to ensuring your teeth, and overall health, stay in tip-top shape. While practicing dental hygiene is important your entire life, it becomes even more important as you age. Studies show that people 65+ are at a much higher risk for developing gum disease. In honor of Senior Health and Fitness Month, here is everything you need to know about the importance of dental hygiene as you age from your friends at Smile Workshop San Antonio Alamo Ranch.

Risk Factors For Aging Adults

As we age, our bodies have a harder time properly maintaining the delicate balanced needed to maintain dental health. Here are some changes many people experience as they age:

Dry Mouth – Many medications cause ones mouth to become dry. Since saliva is a necessary part of preventing gum disease and tooth decay, this problem will cause teeth to deteriorate if left untreated.

Receding Gums – Gums have a tendency of receding as we age. When they recede, they expose the surfaces of your teeth and leave them vulnerable to decay.

Limited Mobility – In some cases, people can lose mobility as they age. Limited mobility means less regular dental checkups and tooth brushing capabilities.

Since dental hygiene becomes even more important as we age, it is important that you visit your local dentist at Smile Workshop at least twice a year for preventative care. We can help prevent your teeth and gums from decaying, while also restoring them to their former glory. Our dental cleaning process is easy, quick and recommended for people of any age. Want to learn more about the dental services that Smile Workshop can offer you? Visit our blog today!

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