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How to Handle A Dental Emergency | Smile Workshop Timber Creek

For anyone who has experienced a dental emergency, you know the panic that follows not knowing exactly how to handle the situation. While any sort of dental emergency can be quite painful, not all are considered urgent. There are many instances where treatment can be postponed if you cannot get in for an appointment right away. As your local dentist and dental emergency professional, Smile Workshop Timber Creek has the scoop on how to handle dental emergencies.

Ask Yourself “Is it Urgent?”

The first step to any dental emergency is determining the answer to this question. Urgent dental emergencies will include things like severe pain, knocked out permanent teeth and excessive bleeding. Non-urgent cases are things like cracked teeth, lost fillings and minor mouth pain. Knowing the difference can save you tons of anxiety and money.

Who to Contact in a Dental Emergency

In any dental emergency, call your local Smile Workshop office to get advice from professionals or set up an appointment. If you’re experiencing bleeding that will not stop, it is best to visit an emergency room. Especially when your dental office is closed. Don’t worry if your local dentist is not able to see you right away. Many dental emergencies are not as urgent as they feel.

What to do at Home

The most important thing you can do in a dental emergency is stay calm! While some of these cases can be serious, most emergencies are something that can be fixed tomorrow.

• Preserve your knocked out tooth by putting it in a glass of milk.
• Use a cold compress to help reduce swelling.
• Swish with hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound, or use salt and hot water for the same effect.

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency can make a huge difference in your overall oral health. There is nothing that a bit of cosmetic dentistry can’t fix when it comes to chipped, cracked or broken teeth. Have any questions regarding dental emergencies? Call or schedule an appointment with your local dentist at Smile Workshop today!

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