Dental Debonding

Many Texans have been affected by fraudulent Medicaid practices. estimates that over 50,000 children in Texas are stuck with braces that cannot be removed because they no longer have access to a provider. Smile Workshop is a family dental office dedicated to helping children who were negatively affected by Texas Medicaid Orthodontics. Does your child have inactive Medicaid? Has he or she been abandoned by their orthodontist?

No child should ever have to suffer from a dental problem. Most dental offices in Texas ignore children affected by these circumstances. Smile Workshop is one of the very few dental offices in the entire state that helps these children.

Someone has to take a stand and help these kids. Braces need to be regularly monitored by an orthodontist. The longer a child with braces goes without proper orthodontic attention, the greater the risk he or she will experience tooth decay and gum disease.

Smile Workshop is stepping up and saving these kids from serious dental problems. Does your child have braces that you can’t afford to have removed? Bring him or her into Smile Workshop. We will evaluate your child, explore all options and if necessary remove the braces free of charge.

-Smile Workshop