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Dental Care During Pregnancy | Smile Workshop Amarillo

[:en]While we all know that it is important to practice proper dental health habits every day, did you know that dental care during pregnancy is even more important? If you are not maintaining oral health during pregnancy, you are negatively impacting the overall health of yourself and your child. As your local dentist, Smile Workshop Amarillo has the scoop on dental care during pregnancy.

Health of the Mother

Since the mouth is the primary entryway into the rest of the body, it is always crucial to practice proper dental health habits, especially if you are pregnant. Expecting mothers experience a great deal of hormonal changes during pregnancy which result in changes all over the body. Most of the changes in oral health will be most noticeable in the gums. With an increase in red and swollen gums during pregnancy being extremely common, the term “pregnancy gingivitis” was coined.

Another side effect of pregnancy is an increase in lumps along the lining of the gums and even in between teeth. Again, this is so common during pregnancy that it was given it’s own name. “Pregnancy tumors” may sound scary, but don’t worry, these lumps are not cancerous and are almost never harmful. They will disappear when your pregnancy is over, but they can also be removed by your local dentist at Smile Workshop when you stop in for a regular cleaning.

Health of the Child

During pregnancy, every decision you make for yourself will ultimately end up affecting your child in one way or another. Your dental health habits are no exception. If your pregnancy gingivitis is left untreated, the negative effects won’t just happen to you, they will also transfer to your child. Untreated gingivitis has been linked to unusually low baby weights at birth and also premature birth.

Since gingivitis is originally caused by oral bacteria, it is also important to realize that these same bacterias are in your child’s mouth. These bacteria will ultimately increase your child’s risk of tooth decay inside the womb and after birth. Children are at least three times as likely to develop tooth decay if their mothers experience untreated tooth decay. Remember, your child will pick up on your habits from the moment they are born so it is important to teach them proper dental health from the get-go.

Since there are a lot of oral health factors that can also affect your child during pregnancy, it is important to visit your local dentist at Smile Workshop for regular routine dental checkups. Even if it is just preventative care, your dentist will be able to spot signs of something more serious before you notice symptoms on your own. It is also more important than ever to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Have any more questions on dental care during pregnancy? Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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