4 Children’s Dentistry Facts for National Tooth Fairy Day | Smile Workshop
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4 Children’s Dentistry Facts for National Tooth Fairy Day | Smile Workshop

August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day! In honor of this holiday, here are four children’s dentistry tips so those teeth are healthy before they fall out.

Dental Decay is a Big Issue With Preschoolers

Tooth decay is the biggest issue with toddlers. One in ten two-year-olds have had a cavity, and half of children will have a cavity by the time they are five years old. Even though baby teeth fall out and grow new adult teeth behind them, cavities at this age can still affect the health of the adult tooth.

Most Children Do Not Brush Their Teeth Properly

Children need to be supervised while brushing until they are around seven years old. Most kids will only brush the front teeth, or the teeth they can see. Make sure they are brushing each tooth individually as well as reaching the teeth toward the rear of their mouths. Even though these teeth can not ordinarily be seen, they are still just as important to brush.

Sugar is the Biggest Culprit for Tooth Decay in Children

This fact is no surprise. Kids love sugary foods, who doesn’t? These sugary foods can cause serious damage, however. Sticky sugars are the worst, including gum, toffee and caramel. Replacing candy with fruit can greatly improve the health of your child’s teeth. If your child does have some candy, just make sure you brush their teeth afterward.

Teaching Good Brushing Habits Is Extremely Important

While your child is still young, you can have a strong influence on their brushing habits for the rest of their lives. Make good brushing feel like part of the routine for them. Supervise them to ensure they are using the right amount of toothpaste, brushing for a long enough period of time, brushing all of their teeth and brushing twice a day. Don’t forget about floss as well!

These four children’s dentistry facts will keep your kiddo’s smile healthy and cavity free! Schedule an appointment with Smile Workshop today!

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