Children’s Snacks That Cause Cavities| Smile Workshop Pediatric Dental
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Children’s Snacks That Cause Cavities| Smile Workshop Pediatric Dental

[:en]As a parent, it can be difficult to feed your child the right thing every time. Sometimes when you are out and about, the quality of your child’s food diminishes to make up for time constraints. You may even opt-in for healthier options, but sometimes those can have a negative impact on their dental health without you realizing. As your local dentist, the pediatric dental team at Smile Workshop has the scoop on which snacks might be causing cavities.

Fruit Juice

Many parents choose fruit juice instead of sodas for their children thinking that it is the healthier option. What they don’t realize is that fruit juice contains just as much, if not more, sugar than most sodas. The sugar in these drinks act as a fuel source for the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. While most juices are made with real fruit, the juicing process basically just leaves you with sugar and water.

Fruit Packed with Syrup

Fruit cups may sound like a healthy option for a quick snack, but that is almost never the case. Most of the time the fruit in these cups are suspended in high fructose corn syrup or something similar. These syrups contain a highly concentrated amount of sugar that absorbs into the fruit your child is eating. Choosing fruit cups with no excess sugar is a good way to avoid this problem, but you’re still better off choosing a fresh piece of fruit.

Starchy Snacks

Snacks like chips, cookies and crackers can cause your child to develop cavities. When they eat these starchy snacks, crumbs often get stuck in their teeth as a result of chewing. The remains of these snacks provide the bad bacteria in your mouth with enough sugar to multiply and eventually cause cavities. Ensuring that your child swishes water around in their mouths after eating starchy snacks is a good way to lessen the effects of the sugar on their teeth.

Choosing the right snacks for your child is a great way to teach them proper dental health techniques. There are plenty of great fruits and veggies for your teeth that should be included in your child’s everyday diet to keep their smile healthy. Remember to brush twice a day, and floss once to keep up with proper dental health habits. Still have questions about pediatric dental best practices? Call or schedule an appointment with your local dentist at Smile Workshop San Antonio today!

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