Brushing Tips for You & Your Pup | Smile Workshop
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Brushing Tips for You & Your Pup | Smile Workshop

It is National Dog Month! In honor of your pup, here are a few brushing tips for you and your furry friend.

Brushing Technique

For humans, it is important to hold the brush at a forty-five degree angle, and brush in short strokes about the length of your tooth. Make sure you get outside and inside of your teeth as well as the tips. To brush the insides of your teeth, stand your toothbrush upright and brush vertically. For your pet, it is important to focus on the outsides of their teeth and use small circular strokes. You should avoid your pet’s tongue. A quick brush will suffice for your dog, but human brushing should take about two minutes.


A soft-bristled brush that fits your mouth is best for brushing your own teeth. It is important to replace brushes every three months, after every illness and if your bristles become frayed or bent. You should use fluoride toothpaste for your teeth as well. Your pup needs a soft-bristled brush too. If your dog doesn’t like having their teeth brushed, you could use finger brushes or even a tooth-brushing toy. Human toothpaste is not good for dogs, however, so get your pet some bacon or chicken flavored toothpaste from your local pet store.

Brushing Routine

Humans should brush their teeth twice a day and floss once. Humans should also see their dentist twice a year for a cleaning. Your furry friends only need their teeth brushed once a week. They should have cleanings at their vet visits as well. It is important to refer to your dentist and your pup’s vet for specifics on how to keep teeth clean and healthy.

Your dog’s oral health is important as well, so don’t forget to give them a brush when needed and follow our other recommended brushing tips. Show your pet the love they deserve and make them feel special during National Dog Month! For you and your family’s dental needs, contact Smile Workshop to book an appointment.

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