The Best and Worst Gum for a Healthy Smile | Smile Workshop Forney
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The Best and Worst Gum for a Healthy Smile | Smile Workshop Forney

Are you a chewer? Some chewing gums can harm your teeth, but some can actually help you have a healthy smile. Here are a few tips on which chewing gums you should choose.

The Worst Chewing Gum

Sugar based gums are the worst type for your teeth. These gums are sticky, sweet and generally fruit flavored. Typically they are packaged in brightly colored containers to appeal to your kiddos in line at the grocery store. While they are delicious, sugar based gums will accelerate the buildup of plaque on your teeth which will speed up tooth decay as well. We know it is tempting, but it is best to stay away from this type of chewing gum.

Good Chewing Gum

Gum sweetened with zero-calorie sweetener will satisfy your craving for gum without harming your teeth. These chewing gums can help remove plaque and other damaging acids from your teeth after eating. While they will not damage your teeth, they may cause other health issues. Many artificial sweeteners contain aspartame, which has been linked to heart disease among other issues. It is best to chew zero-calorie sweetener gums in moderation.

The Best Chewing Gum

The best chewing gum for a healthy smile uses Xylitol as the sweetener. This sweetener is all natural and actually kills germs in your mouth as you chew. It clears up plaque and other harmful bacteria and provides a smooth surface to your teeth without damaging enamel. These types of gums are your best bet if you are a frequent chewer.

As with most things, chewing gum can be great in moderation. It is important to know what the gum you are chewing is doing to your oral health. If you have any questions, visit Smile Workshop Forney and ask. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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