Bad Toothbrush Habits You Need To Avoid

[:en]When you were growing up, it was probably sufficient to brush your teeth twice a day – in the morning and at night time. Little did you know that this wasn’t, and isn’t, enough to maintain correct oral hygiene. At Smile Workshop, we have seen bad toothbrush habit after bad toothbrush habit enter our doors. We are here to debunk the myths and help you reach your ultimate oral hygiene level. Here we explore our list on bad toothbrush habits you need to avoid in 2017. Let’s get you to where you want to be!

Your Toothbrush Is Probably Old

We can hear you from here “What? My toothbrush doesn’t have an expiry date!” Well, at Smile Workshop we recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3-4 months. If you have an electric one, just remove the head and purchase a new one. This is one of the biggest bad toothbrush habits we see daily, and it’s not great for your oral hygiene.

Throw Out Your Toothbrush After You’ve Been Sick OR Submerge in Boiling Water

Although this may seem obvious to some people, we can bet that 90% of people do not throw out their toothbrush after they have been sick. Debated as myth, throwing out your toothbrush every time you get sick can seem excessive. Although we agree, your germs do stay on your toothbrush. If you are skeptical about this, simply just submerge your toothbrush in boiling water to disinfect.

Not Brushing Your Tongue

Do you brush your tongue when you brush your teeth? If not, break this habit now! Brushing your tongue is imperative for oral hygiene. Clean your tongue from back to front, rinse your mouth, and clean your toothbrush. This is so important if you suffer from sinus problems or are a big medication taker.

Not Brushing Long Enough

Everyone should be brushing for at least 2 minutes, 2 times a day. Most electric toothbrushes buzz when you have brushed your teeth for 2 minutes but if you are more of a manual type of gal / guy, put a timer on for 2 minutes.

We hope you have found out everything you need to know about canker sores. If you are still frustrated with your canker sores, visit the Smile Workshop team. If you want to ensure you are doing everything for you and your family’s oral hygiene, please schedule your appointment with us today.

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