Baby Teeth – When Should They Fall Out?

A healthy mouth is a part of a child’s overall health. Children will need strong, healthy teeth to chew their food, speak and smile. This makes dental care and dental health an important factor from a very early age.

A baby’s teeth start to come in (or “erupt”) when the baby is about six months old. Baby teeth will later be lost (shed) one at a time. When this happens, it makes room for the adult teeth that will eventually follow.

If your child has healthy baby teeth, chances are that he, or she, will have healthy teeth as an adult, too.

Most children will have a stage where they have a mix of primary and permanent teeth. During this time, the smile can look uneven, with some big teeth, and some even missing teeth. No worries though, as those will eventually be replaced.

Here’s a chart showing when baby teeth erupt and fall out:

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