All About Your Baby’s Teeth

Smile Workshop is a family dentistry. Whether you need braces, cosmetic dental surgery, teeth whitening or just a simple cleaning, our team of dental experts can take care of your entire family’s dental needs. Have you recently added or plan to add a new member to your family? Here is some advice about what you need to know about your baby’s teeth:

Why teeth are very important for children to grow

Teeth not only help your child eat and become a healthy big boy or girl, they also help him or her speak normally.

When to expect teeth to start growing

Most children begin to show signs of teeth growth by the time they are six months old. Growing 20 baby teeth is a process. A child usually has a full set of teeth by the age of three.

When a child will start loosing his or her teeth

Children usually start loosing their baby teeth by the age of six. The adult versions of their teeth push the baby teeth out to have room to grow. In most cases, your child will have lost all of their baby teeth by the age of 12.

When to schedule a visit to the dentist

When your child’s first tooth starts to grow in, schedule his or her’s first trip to the dentist. Smile Workshop recommends bringing your child in for a dental visit before his or her first birthday because it significantly helps avoid future dental problems.

Smile Workshop cares about your child’s dental health and wants him or her to grow up with a gorgeous smile. Are you in Texas? Smile Workshop has locations in Dallas, Hurst, Timber Creek, Cedar Hill, Denton, Balch Springs, San Antonio and Amarillo. We are taking appointments and would love to help improve your child’s dental health.

-Smile Workshop