All About Cracked Teeth

All About Cracked Teeth

Smile Workshop is a family dentist that regularly treats patients with cracked teeth. A cracked tooth can lead to extreme dental pain and even cause gum disease. Our team of dental professionals are experts at fillings, crowns and root canals. We can provide you or your child with industry leading care at an affordable price.

Why teeth crack

-Teeth can crack because of physical collision in sports or from simply bumping into something at home.

-Consuming food or beverages with contrasting extreme temperatures can crack molars. An example of this would be eating a very hot meal and drinking ice cold water.

-Uneven pressure on individual teeth can eventually cause cracks.

-Some teeth crack because of general wear and fillings.

-Teeth are susceptible to cracking after root canals because the teeth are much more brittle than usual.

Grinding your teeth at night can wreck havoc on your teeth.

-Chewing on hard objects can make your jaw sore and also crack your teeth.

Diagnosing a cracked tooth

The most effective way to diagnose a cracked tooth is through a dental x-ray. An x-ray will be able to spot small cracks that cannot be detected by the human eye.


-You experience pain when eating or drinking.

-You have a sharp tooth pain that comes and goes.

-Your teeth feel different when biting down.

Treating cracked teeth

Cracked teeth are not fun. Treatment for cracked teeth varies depending on the severity of the crack. Catching a cracked tooth early is key to avoiding intense dental procedures. The most basic treatment for a cracked tooth is through fillings. If a filling isn’t an option, your dentist will place a crown over the crack to protect the tooth from further damage. Severely cracked teeth affecting dental pulp require root canals. Finally, extremely cracked teeth that cannot be treated are extracted and replaced with a veneer.

If you or your child are experiencing symptoms of a cracked tooth contact your local Smile Workshop. We will diagnose and treat your problem. A pain-free mouth is a quick appointment away! Call us today and schedule a visit.

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