Affordable Orthodontist in Balch Springs

Do you or your children need an affordable orthodontist in Balch Springs? Smile Workshop is in your area and is here to help your family!

There are many orthodontists in Balch Springs, but we are confident that our practice is the best fit for you. You see, we put your family and their oral health first. We believe in providing our orthodontic patients with high quality treatment at an affordable price. We will never nickel and dime you over dental treatment.

Do you have a child with teeth that are coming in crooked? If the answer is yes, he or she may require braces or other orthodontic services. Traditional braces are a highly effective way to fix your child’s teeth.

Did you know that ignoring a dental problem like crooked teeth can lead to serious health issues? Some of the most common side effects of not getting braces include: speech problems, misaligned jaws, tooth loss and gum disease.

Remember that while our treatment is high quality, our prices are cheap. We pride ourselves on being an affordable orthodontist in Balch Springs. We’d love to be your family orthodontist!

Our orthodontic practice is located at 12230 Lake June Road, Suite 101, Balch Springs, TX, 75180. You can reach us at (972) 557-2100. We’ve made requesting your next visit even easeier! Book an appointment online in seconds!