7 Facts About Women’s Dental Health  | Smile Workshop
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7 Facts About Women’s Dental Health | Smile Workshop

Women and men have differing oral hygiene needs. Here are 7 quick facts about women’s dental health, and how it can relate to general health as well.

1. Pregnancy can cause oral health issues

Pregnancy can cause inflamed, red gums. This is called pregnancy gingivitis. In addition, bacteria in the mouth can trigger fluids that induce labor, possibly resulting in premature birth.

2. Bacteria in the mouth can cause respiratory illnesses

Pneumonia and other upper respiratory diseases can sometimes be caused by bacteria living in your mouth. It is important to keep up with your daily brushing routine to help prevent this.

3. Oral infections can lead to stroke

It might be a shocker, but there is a definite link to oral infections, like periodontal disease and heart health – it’s called inflammation. Inflammation in the gums can lead to the hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, which makes it harder for blood to flow to your heart and, in turn, make you more susceptible to heart disease and stroke.

4. Diabetics are more likely to have gum disease

This can make managing sugar levels more difficult and can put non-diabetics at risk for developing diabetes.

5. Bone atrophy occurs in teeth in addition to the rest of your body

Osteoporosis is the deterioration of the bones as people age. This happens to the teeth as well, so it is important to be careful eating or biting down on hard objects as you age. Bones lose their density and become frail, which can also cause your teeth to lose some of their support. Osteoporosis can weaken the jaw as well. Make sure you maintain your regular checkups with your local dentist so they can keep the issue in check.

6. Gum disease and heart disease are related

Gum diseases double the chances of a heart attack, and increases the chances of heart disease. In addition, heart disease is one of the largest causes in deaths among women in the United States, so keep those gums in check!

7. Menstruation and Menopause Can Cause Gum Issues

During menstruation and menopause, the gums are likely to swell, turn red and even bleed. Dry mouth has also been associated.

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