5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire
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5 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Before They Expire

For the vast majority of dental insurances, your benefits most likely roll on an annual calendar. This means that the first of each calendar year is when your dental benefits start over! As we near the end of the year, it’s important to consider your remaining dental benefits and whether you’ve taken full advantage of your dental insurance for this calendar year. If you haven’t, then you should be scheduling your appointments with your dentist for whatever procedures you need. Here’s what we mean:

  1. The Yearly Maximum Doesn’t Roll Over

Most dental insurance plans have an annual maximum coverage cap for each person on the plan. If you haven’t hit your yearly maximum yet, now is the time to take advantage of your dental coverage. Remember that the yearly maximum doesn’t roll over, which means that any unused benefit this year is simply lost! Use it or lose it!

One more thing to keep in mind: some big procedures may exceed your annual maximum. If you have to undergo a major procedure that takes place over several visits, you can start the procedure in one calendar year and end it in another. This spreads out costs and helps ensure that your dental insurance plan will cover a larger percentage of the procedure. 

  1. Tax Reasons

Are you making payroll contributions to a flexible spending account on a pre-tax basis? If so, use the plan benefit this year or forfeit the remaining by the first of the year deadline.

  1. Potential Fee Increases

Dental practitioners raise their fees on a regular basis, as the cost of materials and equipment goes up. These fee increases usually happen at the beginning of the year. If you wait until next year to get your dental procedure done, you could pay a higher co-pay, and you could reach the insurance maximum faster, due to these increases. It’s always better to see the dentist at the end of the year, before these increases are implemented. 

  1. Neglecting Dental Problems Costs More

If you have any dental problems brewing, it’s better to get them addressed as soon as possible. Waiting and allowing your dental problems to fester can lead to a slew of other issues including pain, tooth decay, cavities, plaque, gum recession, gum disease, tooth loss and more. Also, advanced dental problems often require more expensive procedures. It’s better to get those minor problems taken care of now, when they are in the early stages, before the expensive procedures become necessary.

  1. You Already Met Your Deductible

Many dental plans require patients to pay money out of pocket before benefits kick in. This money paid upfront is called the deductible. If you’ve already met your deductible for the year, then it’s better to get your dental procedures in while your dental benefits are covering your dental costs. Once the new year arrives, you’ll be required to pay the deductible all over again. 

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