5 Myths About Tooth Health Debunked

It seems like we’ve heard it all at Smile Workshop. Our patients come in regularly and ask us different questions based on the myths they’ve heard about. So the team at Smile Workshop put together 5 myths about tooth health debunked!

Baking soda – friend or foe?
This one is tricky. Baking soda can be a helpful tool in teeth whitening because it strips the top coat of your teeth, but it’s extremely abrasive. Baking soda can lead to faster erosion of your enamel, and unfortunately you can’t rebuild your enamel. If you use baking soda, be sure to use sparingly.

Grinding your teeth causes cavities?
This is a myth in the immediate sense, but may lead to cavities down the line. Bacteria is what actually causes cavities, but clenching or grinding teeth can lead to cracks in your pearly whites. That’s where bacteria love to hide and what may cause cavities. Moral of the story: if you’re grinding your teeth, see us for a check-up.

Does sugar cause cavities?
This one’s partially true. Sugar exposure may lead to cavities, but it’s actually caused by acidic exposure and bacteria that may be from sugar. The best course of action to follow if you have a sweet tooth is to maintain a consistent health regimen and watch how much sugar you’re consuming.

Are cavities more likely between teeth?
This is definitely true. Like we mentioned earlier, bacteria is what causes cavities and bacteria hide best between teeth. This is why we’re always telling our patients to floss! If you’re not a fan of cavities, brush carefully and floss regularly!

Are white teeth healthy teeth?
This is mostly a myth. While whiter teeth may look great, they don’t always show when you have a cavity or if bacteria is hiding.

For any other myths you’re not sure about, give us a call or schedule an appointment today!- Smile Workshop

– Smile Workshop