Top 5 Junk Foods to Avoid for Dental Health | Smile Workshop Cedar Hill

Top 5 Junk Foods to Avoid for Dental Health | Smile Workshop Cedar Hill

Junk food can be quite the guilty pleasure, but how does it factor into your dental health? Some junk foods impact your teeth more than others. Here are the five worst junk foods you can eat in regards to your dental health.

1.Chewy Candy

Sticky and chewy candy is terrible for your enamel. Enamel is an outer coating on your teeth that protects your teeth from cavities. Sticky candies, like caramel, will stick on your teeth for a long time, and the bacteria in our mouths can turn the sugar into acid, which will eat away at enamel. Sour candies can be even worse, as they are both sticky and acidic. While these types of snacks can be delicious, you may want to brush immediately after, and have them in moderation.

2. Sodas

Much like chewy candy, soda will attack your enamel as well. The carbonation along with the sugars, including diet sodas, can eat away at your enamel and even stain your teeth.

3. Crackers

Crackers break apart easily and can get bits stuck between your teeth. The carbohydrates in these crackers quickly can turn into sugars and eat away at your enamel. it is important to both floss and brush after eating crackers in order to get all the little bits and pieces out from between your teeth.

4. Ice Cream Sundaes

We know, this isn’t one you want to see on this list, but ice cream sundaes, as you can imagine, contain lots and lots of sugar. While delicious, a sundae can be a recipe for cavities. Not to mention the cold ice cream can cause tooth sensitivity.

5. Chips and French Fries

Finally, the salts in these foods are not good for the teeth. The acids can break down your enamel and lead the way to cavities and other dental issues.

Of course, all of these foods and drinks can be had in moderation, but it is best to be aware of how they can damage your teeth. Need a dentist in Cedar Hill? If you have any questions about your dental health or need a check-up, Smile Workshop is here to help. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!