5 Foods That Cause Cavities

We’re always working to make sure you have plenty of reasons to smile at Smile Workshop. We know one of the most important things on you and your family’s minds are how to prevent any unnecessary trips to the doctor or dentist. So this week, we’re looking at 5 foods that cause cavities. Make sure to read and you can prevent extra cavity costs!

Sugary Foods

This title may be misleading – sugary foods cause cavities, but not because of the sugar. Sugar triggers the production of bacteria and acids in your mouth that are harmful to your teeth. Extended exposure to sugary foods can lead to cavities, so be sure to brush and floss after these types of treats.

Starchy Foods

Believe it or not, starchy foods, or carbohydrates, digest in the body the same way sugar does. They also cause the same acids and bacteria in the mouth. Starchy foods are especially important to watch for because they get caught between teeth. Be sure to brush and floss after enjoying.

Sweet Drinks

We’ve already covered why sugar can be harmful on your teeth, but sweet drinks can be even worse. Besides the fact that they’re packed full of sugar, sweet drinks are usually acidic and can deteriorate the tooth enamel. If you’re craving a soda, be sure to use a straw so that way your teeth don’t suffer the entire impact.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus foods have the same effect as sweet drinks – they contain high levels of acid that can erode enamel over time. Be sure to enjoy citrus foods in moderation, and brush and floss after enjoying.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods may not contain much sugar, but they may be chewy and cling onto your teeth or in between teeth. Sticky foods can not only damage enamel, but even pull out fillings or crowns. Be sure to enjoy these foods in moderation.

Make sure you’re aware of how much sugar is in your diet, how often you’re eating starchy foods, and how often your teeth are being exposed to acidic foods or drinks. Always brush, floss, and schedule your next check-up with us!

–       Smile Workshop