5 Dental Health Facts for Men | Smile Workshop Fort Worth

5 Dental Health Facts for Men | Smile Workshop Fort Worth

It may come as a surprise, but did you know that women fare better than men when it comes to their dental health? In honor of men’s health week, Smile Workshop Fort Worth wanted to take an even deeper look into why men’s dental game isn’t as strong compared to their counter parts, so check out our 5 dental health facts for men that can help you avoid making the same mistakes when it comes to oral hygiene.

1. Avoiding the Dentist

Like taking less care of their physical health, men are more likely to skip appointments with their local dentist than women are. Many men will avoid the dentist altogether unless a dental emergency presents itself, which will hurt you in the long run. In order to keep those teeth healthy, make sure you keep up with your regular cleanings and checkups.

2. Not Enough Brushing

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, if not after every meal, and many men will only brush once. When it comes to oral health, statistics show that the average man brushes his teeth 1.9 times a day and will lose 5.4 teeth by age 72. Brushing once in the morning and once at night not only keeps your breath smelling fresh, but prevents plaque buildup and cavities. Make sure you stick to a regular schedule of brushing twice a day, if not more to avoid becoming another statistic.

3. Using the Same Brush for Too Long

Your toothbrush should be replaced once every three months, and most men wait five or six months before purchasing a new brush. If your bristles begin getting bent or frayed, or if you have been sick, it’s time to go purchase a new brush. Shoot for a soft-bristled brush that will reach every surface of every tooth.

4. Contact Sports

Men are more likely to maintain tooth damage due to participating in contact sports like football, soccer, basketball or lacrosse. When participating in these types of activities, a mouth guard should be worn at all times to prevent teeth from chipping or breaking. To learn more, check out our blog on protecting your athlete’s teeth!

5. Gum Problems

If your gums bleed while flossing or brushing, you may have gum disease. Men are more likely than women to have gum disease. To prevent this, make sure you brush the roots of your teeth, an area often overlooked when brushing. In addition, flossing regularly will help with preventing gum disease.

Maintaining good dental health can increase the longevity of your teeth and keep that smile happy. Make sure you are not slacking when it comes to keeping up with your oral hygiene. If you are overdue for a checkup, give us a call or schedule an appointment at Smile Workshop today!

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