4 Tips to Teaching Your Children Better Dental Health

We love being a part of your family’s lives at Smile Workshop. Watching your children grow up into young adults is a very rewarding part of the jobs we have. We see different approaches to teaching children better dental health and have learned over the years what works and what doesn’t. This week, we’re taking some of the best approaches and giving you 4 tips to teaching your children better dental health! Not only can hygiene become fun, it can save you quite a bit over the long haul.

Make Dental Health Fun

Many children see brushing their teeth and flossing regularly like it’s a chore. By creating a fun activity out of daily dental hygiene, you can get your children pumped up about their health! We’ve seen some parents make up a rhyme or song about brushing their teeth, and some have turned it into a game of who can get their teeth the cleanest. It’s all about what works for your child.

Give Your Child Room to Grow

Children tend to engage in things that give them a sense of independence. Give your child a way to make their routine their own and find their own ways.


Let Them Find Their Preferences

Finding the right products and flavors is key for lasting dental health. Children are very responsive to tastes and textures, let them try a variety of toothpastes, tooth brushes, mouth washes, and dental flosses until they’ve found their preference. This way, everyone’s sure they have exactly what they need to make dental health enjoyable!


Educate Your Child

Educating your children about their favorite foods and how to stay healthy is very important. If your child doesn’t understand how cavities are caused, or that drinking too much soda can be harmful to their health, they may not understand cause-and-effect until it’s too late. Showing them how to maintain proper dental health through conversation and leading by example is key. They look up to you as parents and you will set the example for how they will form behaviors!

These are just a few tips, let us know the tips that have worked for you on our Facebook page! Thanks for reading, we hope we’ll see you soon!

–       Smile Workshop